Agni for Ágnes

Here is my new tangle pattern: 
 - dedicated to the memory of my beloved daughter -


My first tile with Agni:


Thank you everyone for all of your support in these difficult times.
God bless everyone!


Gratitude and thank.

The support of zentangle community means a lot to me. 
You all gave me strength. 
I could pick up my pen again after more than a month because of you. 💞
I want to express my gratitude to everyone with this tile. 
Thank you everyone all of your support with your magically beautiful tiles and your lovely words. 
It a privilege to be part of such a caring community. 
 You all are incredibly kind...
God bless everyone... 💞


Difficult times...

I haven't posted anything in the last couple of weeks and I got a lot of questions about this. I suppose it's time to tell you why. My life is very tough again. My daughter's brain tumor is come back again and she had surgery thrice in the last 8 years. And now can’t be any more surgery. The situation is hopeless,she is in the final stage now.  She is 31.... and her daughter is 12. I was crushed again and the zentangle is my single handhold to I stay sane. I need to be strong because my son has autism and epilepsy and I'm alone. I appreciate everyone's patience with me right now. Thank you....


New tiles from last 3 weeks.

First of all my three IAST tiles:

For IAST 186:



Focus on Flowerly....

...on Trio...

....and on Yew-Dee.

Polychromos pencils on pre washed tile:

Colored 3Z tile:

Colored valentangle on pre washed tile: 

And finally: another traditional tile:


New tiles from last two weeks

Renaissance Zendala:

Focus on Bucky:

On watercolor pre washed tile:

Colored Cloudfall:

Focus on Neuron:

For IAST 182:
I won the "Best of Show" with this tile - I'm honored! 😊

 For IAST 183:

And finally a 3Z tile with a little gem:


Weekly tiles

First of all for 

Diva'sWeekly Challenge #300: "Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day"

I dedicate this tile her brave son: Artoo.

Black and White on toned grey paper:

For Adele Bruno's IAST 181:

For Square One: Purely Zentangle® Facebook group-
Focus on Mak-Rah-Mee:


New tiles

Relaxation on Sunday:

Focus on Lollywimple in  Square One: Purely Zentangle® FB group:

Orange Drogon:

IAST 179:

Another renaissance tile:


Some tiles between Christmas and now.

Happy New Year everyone!

This post will be the longest ever since I'm writing this blog because this includes the work of a month.

Here are :

Christmas Zendala with Drawings:

A lot of 3Z tiles for 12 days of 3Z challenge:

Another tile with Drawings for Square One: Purely Zentangle® group:

Colorful Eyelet:

Black and White with Aura-Leah:

For IAST 173:

For IAST 175:

Tile with my new pattern Reel:

Focus on Icanthis:

..and on Paushalöv. This is my extreme version of Paushalöv:

Another tile with my Reel:

Zengem on renaissance paper:

And finally: black and white relaxation:

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